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They might as well be dead

Maria Clara
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I'm Clare. I like rainy days and cats make me sneeze.
30 rock, achilles, air, alan rickman, anne boleyn, architecture, arrested development, audrey hepburn, baking, bento, bing crosby, black, blossom dearie, books, british accent, burlesque, cake, camille paglia, cary grant, chocolate, christian bale, classicism, clive owen, coco chanel, corsets, costume dramas, cupcakes, daniel craig, david bowie, detectives, diana wynne jones, diaries, dolls, drawing, duels, dune, edward gorey, elizabethan age, ella fitzgerald, etiquette, evelyn waugh, fantasy, fashion, frank sinatra, french, gentlemen, gilmore girls, graphic novels, hans christian andersen, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heathus christ, high society, historical fashion, history, history of art, homer, horror movies, hugh laurie, ice cream, interesting book finds, ipod, james mcavoy, jane austen, japan, japanese food, jeeves, jeffrey eugenides, jorge luís borges, kids, king arthur, knitting, labyrinth, lingerie, linguistics, literature, lolita fashion, lost in translation, luna lovegood, make-up, marc jacobs, marie antoinette, mario mario, mark ryden, mark steyn, mary sue, mencken, monica bellucci, monokuro boo, moors, mr. darcy, muriel spark, musicals, neil gaiman, nursery rhymes, one true pairing, p.g. wodehouse, paris, paul bettany, piano, pin-up, puppies, quentin tarantino, ralph fiennes, ravenclaw, ray bradbury, reading, regency, regina spektor, royalty, sandman, scarves, scotland, scottish claymores, self-defense, sewing, sherlock holmes, silk taffeta, snow, sofia coppola, sparklypoo, sparta, speculative fiction, star wars, starbucks, storytelling, strawberry pies, tea, teddy bear, the beatles, the brothers grimm, the incredibles, the kinks, the princess bride, tori amos, totoro, translation, twin peaks, velvet chokers, victorian era, vincent cassel, vintage, weasley is our king, werewolves, wes anderson, westley, what not to wear, wit, writing, wuthering heights


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